CORA is an acronym for Context Ordered Replacement Algorithm.

CORA is ideally suited to the Cloud.

Most of us are uncomfortable with having our valuable data stored somewhere in never-never-land.

  1. Not knowing "where" our data is.
  2. Having to trust the company storing our data.
  3. Trusting numerous employees who have access to our data on someone else's server.
  4. Risking cyber attacks from unscrupulous brainiacs.
  5. Once it is online, it is somewhere forever.

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With CORA, we don't have to trust anyone with our data!

This why, if CORA is used properly, it is an unbreakable solution!

CORA-X is standalone program that can be installed on your computer and will lock/unlock your files/folders. It is available in a free and premium version.

At this time, CORA-X requires Windows Vista or later.

CORA-X is built with the following in mind:

  • Your data should never be entrusted to any "one" organization/company!
  • Your security shouldn't be dependant on employees, CEOs, project managers, or sales people!
  • Your information should be impervious to those who don't value your security – online – or offline! and are owned and operated by CORA Cyber Security Inc. (CORAcsi), a Canadian Corporation operating out of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Originally CORA was designed and developed as a sole proprietorship named The author of CORA who is the Director and President of CORAcsi has enjoyed a vast array of professional experiences spanning Physics, law enforcement and teaching.

"CORA began in 2008 as a desire and inspiration to protect Mr. Latouf's personal data and software in a manner that was superior to encryption, which has been known for over a decade to be limited and breakable."

Mr. Latouf's fascination with data-security began long before he realized that one day, he would be concerned about the security of his data.

More than 3 decades early he embraced a challenge from his grade 12 math teacher to develop a "Prime number generator for the entire set" – his class was told there was a $100,000 reward – very enticing to a 17-year-old enthusiast.

Mr. Latouf accepted the challenge eagerly with a desire for success, excellence and, well, the reward.
It was proven at the University of Windsor a month or two later, however, sadly, there wasn’t a reward. The Professor at the time explain to Mr. Latouf that prime numbers are important for encryption and suggested that he publish an article in a Math Journal.

This coloured Mr. Latouf’s awareness as encryption became accepted as the standard for securing "static data". Encryption historically has been used to secure "data in motion" – communication, and here encryption "rocks".

Mr. Latouf awareness of "prime numbers" being the keys that unlock encryption, made him uneasy about trusting his data to others – online.
Hence the conception of CORA.