Cloud CORA Emergency Stop and reset

will be available with subscriptions

What does Emergency Stop do?

  1. Invalidates your credentials. You cannot sign in to your account online, or through CORA-X without confirming your identity using your registered email address and your registered phone number (available for select Countries).
  2. CORA-X cannot access CORA blocs that have been place into Cloud CORA.
  3. All of your secured data will be unavailable until you reset your Emergency status.
  4. System information saved to Cloud CORA will be inaccessible until you reset your Emergency status.

Why would I use Emergency Stop?

This should only be used in cases of Emergency; you would not use this because you are going out of town for the weekend.

Consider the following scenarios:

In each of these scenarios, you fear that your "data may be" at risk. Perhaps you have kept all of the CORA blocs on one device except for a data Key which is on Cloud CORA.

Why take a chance that this criminal might try to guess your password or spoof anyone into believing that they are you, and obtaining the last piece of the puzzle.

Initiate an Emergency Stop, then Note that the new CORA blocs are independent of the previous data packages - they just don't fit together!


CloudCORA is not responsible for your CORA fragments or System information and makes no promise or guarantees. We provide this Emergency stop as a service to help you take responsibility for your data and its security.

How do I reset
the Emergency Stop?

During your registration you entered an email address and phone number. The email address was validated, and optionally, your phone number was validated.

Reseting an Emergency Stop is similar to reseting your password.

For Password resets, any one of these may be used:

In each of these cases you will need to be online during the process.

When reseting an Emergency Stop, you must use both your email and phone number. If your phone number isn't capable of receiving text messages, then you may initiate a voice message that will be used to validate your identity (this pertains to select Countries).

For example:

  1. you initiate an Emergency Stop
  2. you use your backed up data to generate a new set of files and recover your data,
    you find the missing CORA package and feel comfortable and safe to reset the Emergency Stop
  3. you sign in to and initiate a reset
  4. sends you a text message (or voice call) and you enter in the proper code while online
  5. sends you an email with another code that you enter online
  6. the Emergency Stop is fully reset.

Please remember, this is to be used for Emergencies only. Cloud CORA will always allow a fixed number of Emergency Stops/resets.

At this time there is no cost to use the Emergency Stop/reset system.

Requirement for using the Emergency Stop/reset system:

  1. you are a registered user at
  2. you are using CORA-X (any version)
  3. you have properly registered CORA-X (any version) with