Cloud CORA Emergency Stop and reset

will be available with subscriptions

What does an "Emergency Stop" do?

  1. CORA-X cannot access CORA blocs that have been place into Cloud CORA.
  2. All of your secured data will be unavailable until you reset your Emergency status.
  3. System information saved to Cloud CORA will be inaccessible until you reset your Emergency status.

Why would I use an "Emergency Stop"?

This should only be used in cases of Emergency; you would not use this because you are going out of town for the weekend.

Consider the following scenarios:

In each of these scenarios, you fear that your "data may be" at risk. Perhaps you have kept all of the CORA blocs on one device except for a data Key which is on Cloud CORA.

Put your mind at ease.

Initiate an Emergency Stop, then Note that the new CORA blocs are independent of the previous data packages - they just don't fit together!

How do I initiate an
Emergency Stop?

There are two ways to initiate an Emergency Stop:

How do I reset
the Emergency Stop?

You may reset access to your instance of CloudCORA in the following ways:


CloudCORA is not responsible for your CORA fragments or System information and makes no promise or guarantees. We provide this Emergency stop as a service to help you take responsibility for your data and its security.