CORA-X was build with CloudCORA in mind; it is ideally suited for, and naturally integrats with

What does CloudCORA offer CORA-X?

Registered Users may:

  1. Backup system files and preferences to CloudCORA..
  2. Seamlessly store CORA blocs to CloudCORA when locking or exporting select files and/or folders.
  3. Restore system files and preferences from CloudCORA.
  4. Seamlessly retrieve CORA blocs when unlocking CORA secured files/folders.
  5. Initiate an Emergency Stop from or from CORA-X.
  6. Register additional users and email addresses with
  7. Use to authenticate CORA-X.

Subscription Pricing and Features

Subscription * Storage ** Emergency Stops
   ~ or ~
Phone Validations
The Quanta 100 MB 2 Included
The Molecule 500 MB 6 $6 Included
The Planetary 1 GB 24 $89 $69
The Universe 10 GB 100 $125 $105
Multiverse 1 TB unlimited $240 / user $190 / user

* All plans (except for the Multiverse) allow for a maximum of 5 registered users.

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time for a refund on the number of weeks that remain unused for the year.

** Note that CORA-X will only save one CORA fragment to CloudCORA per CORA secured solution. Hence each MB saved to CloudCORA will likely represent a total solution size of 3-20 MB depending on how many CORA fragments you chose for a particular solution.

A-la-cart Purchases

Item Details Cost
(US $)
CORA-X The Molecule Subscription is Included. $20
Additional Registered Users Each additional user, to a maximum of 100 $12
Additional Storage 100 MB $12
Emergency stops ~ or ~ Phone Validations Package of 6 $2
Emergency stops ~ or ~ Phone Validations Package of 32 $10
Emergency stops ~ or ~ Phone Validations Package of 72 $20